Hey there and welcome to Double-Double.

About double-double.ca website

Here is a brief information about this website and its author in a form of FAQ.


You might find some of the information below useless, unnecessary or boring.

Let’s go.


What is Double-Double? DD?

No, it is not what you had in mind. “Double Double” is a Canadian way of ordering Tim Hortons coffee. It means two teaspoons of sugar and two creams.

Although i personally prefer “a regular”. Don’t ask.


What is this website all about?

It is about having fun, enjoying good and unfunny jokes, sharing interesting quotes, news and stories. There are many websites like that, but this one goes a bit deeper. It is only about Canada (rarely about other countries, if they are connected to Canada), plus all images and pictures here are hand-drawn.

So maybe it is also about primitive art.


Who is the author?

My name is Eugene, i immigrated to Canada when i was 22 years of age from an Eastern European country which you never heard of. Enough about me, i said too much. So i draw everything, manage the website and find jokes. I am trying to drug people around me into this “project” but so far i had no success.


What program and device you use?

  • The program: SAI2.0
  • The device: Wacom Intuos Draw Graphics Tablet


How long it takes to draw one picture?

It depends. Right now my skills are very basic and i am trying to develop a simple style, so now one picture takes from 30 to 60 minutes. I don’t have a lot of free time, i still have to go to a normal work, so i have about 1 – 2 hours every day to waste spend on this website (4-8 hours on weekends). Therefore i am trying to make 4 – 10 new posts every week, but it depends on my mood and other things.

Later i am planning to work more on quality, so creating images might take more time. I think for a project like that i really have to find a balance between quantity and quality, i am working on it.


Why you created this website?

I created this website in September 2018 for many reasons. I enjoy drawing and art, i always wanted to learn, but couldn’t find time. I know a little bit about websites, because i worked for a while as a SEO guy, SMM manager and on some other very boring and low paid jobs. I created a few websites in my past, but i tend to abandon them after 1-2 years for no smart reason. Let’s hope this one survives…

Also i made this website because my psychiatrist suggested to find “a productive hobby”. Just kidding. People like me never go to a therapy.

All in all i wanted to do something fun and interesting after my boring minimum-wage job (what other job can an immigrant find?) and also i wanted to improve my English skills, because i failed all IELTS and CELPIP tests miserably.

As you can see this is purely personal project with many benefits for me, i hope it can be fun, helpful or maybe even inspiring in some sense for others.

The last reason to start double-double.ca website for me was to understand and discover Canadian life and culture myself. As an immigrant you tend to stuck to “your people”, live a life like you lived in your country before, and i don’t think that this is the right approach.  I think that immigrants should learn more about country they moved to, so this is my way of doing so.


How you find jokes, quotes and stories?

I use this thing called internet. You know, what you are using right now to see this text. I just google and find jokes. At first i thought that at some point i will run out of the Canadian jokes, but later i realized that i just didn’t know how to look. Plus, sometimes i make jokes by myself, a small stories from my life or life of my friends. Lastly i check news and if i feel that a certain article is funny, i turn it into a joke with a picture.


You stole that joke!

I am trying to mention souses of jokes, authors and give links to it if possible. It is not always possible, because many jokes have kinda a Creative Commons licences with no initial singular author.

If you know who made a joke first, the author of a joke, and i didn’t mention it, feel free to let me know in comments, i’ll try to update the page.


Your drawings are bad and jokes are not funny!



Can i propose a joke or a story?

Sure! You can write me using the contact form or in comments under any post. If this joke is funny (according to my weird sense of humor) and i have free time, i will try to visualize that by drawing it.

Of course this joke or a story has to be new and unique, and it has to be related to Canada and Canadians.

In case i published it, you can let me know how i should mention you, i can give one link to your Twitter account, YouTube, a blog, or anything else.


Good story bro! How can i help?

I would be really happy if you want to help me develop this website. You can help the usual way: like, share, comment, follow, add the website to bookmarks, tell people about it and all of that. Whenever i see interactions and feedback i am happy, this gives me motivation and energy to continue my work.

Finally done with this page…